Happy For Doing 'Rangula Ratnam' - Raj Tharun

Press Release:

After delivering Super Hit's like 'Ra Randoi Veduka Chuddam','Hello' in 2017, Annapurna Studios is getting ready with Youthful Entertainer 'Rangula Raatnam' starring Raj Tharun, Chitra Shukla as lead pair, Introducing Shree Ranjani as Director. Filmmis currently undergoing it's censor formalities. Filmmis getting ready to release worldwide on January 14th. On this occasion Hero Raj Tharun interacted with media in a press meet held at Annapurna 7 acres.

About Trailer's Response

After entire shooting part is completed, We are coming as a small surprise for Sankranthi. Trailer is getting very good response. We didn't expect such huge response. It is due to press only our film is getting very good buzz in short time.

About Project

One day Supriya Garu called me and told me about this film. I immediately agreed to do this film after listening to the story. I liked it very much. That's how 'Rangula Raatnam' started.

About Character

I will be seen as a middle class boy. But, I will sport new look, getup in this film. My character in 'Rangula Raatnam' is very different compared to all my earlier films and I believe this character will get me very good name.

About 'Annapurna Studios' Productions Production Values 

I was in Direction department when I did my first film 'Uyyala Jampala' as a Hero. I was little tensed then. Now I am doing Hero role. Everything will be assured  when we are doing a film in a big production house like 'Annapurna Studios'. Even though the team is filled with new cast, technicians, they make sure that everything goes well. When it comes to comes to quality they never compromised till they deliver desired output. I am very happy to do 'Rangula Raatnam' with Annapurna Studios after 'Uyyala-Jampala'

About Sankranthi Competition

Three big films got released for last year's sankranthi and emerged as winners. We will face competition every week. We have holidays for Sankranthi. Entire Family will go to theatre to watch films. Our film will be a clean entertainer which can be enjoyed for two hours by all sections of audiences. I wish all Sankranthi films become Successfull and I wish our film will be one among them.

About Story

It's a beautiful story with mother sentiment. There is a lot of freshness in love scenes between the lead pair. Everyone will get connected to this story.

About Working With A Lady Director

There is no difference between Male and Female. Director is Director. They have their own thoughts in their own point of view which will be reflected in script. Shree Ranjani worked for a long time with Director Selva Raghavan. She knows everything about Direction. Very passionate Director with a very good command. She's very particular about what she wants. Shree Ranjani has all qualities to become a Successfull Director.

About Your Involvemnet

After finalising the story, I don't involve at any stage. I will give suggestions only if they ask me.

About Trailer

Trailer is getting amazing response. Very Happy that Trailer gets highest views in social media.

About Title 

We considered many titles but none of them suited for the story. We discussed that something from the story would be more apt and came up with 'Rangula Raatnam'.

About Music 

Sri Charan who composed music for 'Kshanam' gave beautiful music for this film. Six songs came out very well. He composed tunes with completely new sounds. I wrote a song in this film. He gave wonderful re-recording for this film. Sri Charan's music will be very helpful for this film.

About Heroine

For the first time Chitra Shukla is playing the role of a heroine. She played the character of a girl who has sommany responsibilities. How love started between a free spirited boy and a responsible girl forms the story. Film is filled with emotions and entertainment.

About Film

This is a pure love story. Youth, Families will instantly gets connected to this film. I already watched the first copy of the film. I liked it very much. I am confident that audience will like it too.

About Other Characters

Sitara Garu played the role of my mother in this film. Preyadarshi played the role of my friend. He performed very realistically. Film has situational comedy. Entire film will be entertaining. 

Along with Raj Tharun & Chitra Shukla as lead pair, Sitara, Preyadarshi played other important roles. 

Music by Sri Charan Pakala
Cinematography : L.K.Vijay
Editing : Sreekar Prasad
Art : Purushottam.M
Production : Annapurna Studios
Direction : Shree Ranjani

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