SS Rajamouli - The Indisputable New No.1 STAR

A STAR is one who is very famous, successful, and important person. In Cinema, Who makes a Name or Brand for himself and can Pull and attract crowds to Theatres on his own!. ( Like with even an `Eega` ). And so not necessarily have to be an Actor.

No.1 Race post- Chiru Era is now Done, dusted, settled and is Over. The Name`s "S S RAJAMOULI!". 

2 All Time TOLLYWOOD NO.1 Movies with HUGE Double Margin over others in Magadheera & Baahubali!. His Magadheera (2009) is yet to be broken In full by other Heroes or Directors even after 6 Years!. They have only managed to cross its Telugu Versions Collections and not All Including figures!. He Just needed an `Eega` (fly) to earn a Big 54 Cr Distributor Share ( all including ) in 2012 which is lesser than only 2 films back then Dookudu & Gabbar singh!. SSR also made a name for himself in Entire south India and North with `Eega` which paved way for Huge Opening of `Baahubali` in TN and ROI. 

Even after 6 Years, it needed another Rajamouli Film to break his Own Records in Tollywood and Baahubali is doing more than double business than Existing Tollywood No.1 breaking Records every day left, right and Centre. It has been received with Huge appreciation from all over India and entire Bollywood is shell shocked about how low their CG & VFX Standards were so far!. India`s Biggest Motion Picture to India`s Biggest Opener!.

Highest Paid, Most Acclaimed, Hugely Talented and got a Double Big BO Potential going by His Last 4 Blockbusters leave alone about his 100% Success Track Record!. No Telugu Hero or Director is even close to SS Rajamouli right now in Tollywood after Baahubali. He is now the Undisputed No.1 Star and a Biggest Crowd Puller and a Top Brand for Tollywood  being At par with Shankar/Rajini who have Pan South India Super STARs status.

Baahubali by 2nd weekend will become as the BIGGEST Earner in the History of South Indian Cinema thus Making it almost impossible for any one from Tollywood to break his record with out `SSR` STAMP like `Magadheera`.

Some of you might still argue that Rajamouli is a director and can`t be considered as No 1. But times have changed and directors unlike Yester-years are getting paid on par with Heroes and Rajamouli is the Highest paid of the lot with Market in Tamil and having Good Name across India after `Eega` and now `Baahubali`. Especially Baahubali is breaking all Records for Dubbed films in Hindi and is heading towards breaking Avatar Hindi if Dubbed Collections alone Considered. We have the biggest Tollywood Brand, BO Performer now in SS Rajamouli, a Living Legend!.

Sr. NTR, Chiranjeevi and SS Rajamouli!. Rajamouli is the Indisputable New No.1 Star in Tollywood, Still Any Doubts??!.

Okay, In Tollywood (All Including ) The Last 5 Films Box-Office Average: 

1. SS Rajamouli 

2. Prabhas 

3. Pawan Kalyan 

4. Allu Arjun 

5. Mahesh 

arr Baahubali 2 Towards 1500 Cr
arr Baahubali 2 - 1250 Cr+
arr Baahubali 2 - Biggest Hindi Blockbuster
arr Baahubali 2 set to surpass 1250 Cr
arr Baahubali 2 set for the Day of Landmarks
arr Baahubali 2 Starts 2nd Week Super Strong
arr Baahubali 2 Rocks the Country
arr Baahubali 2 cruising Towards 1000 Cr
arr Baahubali 2 Emerges as India's Biggest Blockbuster
arr Baahubali 2 holds strong - Heading for ATBB
arr Baahubali 2 Overtakes all but PK & Dangal
arr Baahubali 2 Set to Overtake 'Baahubali'
arr Baahubali 2 cruises Past 500 Cr in Weekend
arr Baahubali Storms Past 200 Crore Gross on Day 1
arr Historic start for Baahubali 2
arr Baahubali First Indian Film 4 languages in Canada
arr Baahubali 2 1st Day | Trade Expectations
arr Baahubali 2's Historic Total WW Pre-Release Business
arr Baahubali 2 USA in 1050 Screens
arr Baahubali 2 set for 500 Cr Pre-Release Business
arr Sky High Pre-Biz for Baahubali - The Conclusion
arr Asian Enterprises acquired Baahubali 2 Nizam
arr Baahubali China Release in November!!
arr Sai Bags Baahubali 2 KA
arr Baahubali Breaks PK Lifetime Record
arr Baahubali : 100 Cr+ SHARE in AP/N Alone
arr Baahubali gets a steady 3rd Monday!
arr Baahubali : 2nd 300Cr NBOC after PK!
arr Baahubali 3rd Weekend Box-office Update
arr Baahubali : MOST WATCHED film at Indian Box-office
arr Baahubali Remains INDIA's Biggest Week
arr Baahubali 2 Weeks Boxoffice Update
arr Baahubali : INDIA's No.1 Blockbuster!
arr Day 11 - Baahubali's Legendary run continues!
arr Unstoppable Baahubali clocks 325 GBOC!
arr Baahubali Breaks All Areas LIFETIME Records
arr ALL TIME No.1 South : Baahubali 300 Cr & Counting!
arr Baahubali Storm Unstoppable in 2nd Weekend
arr Historic Baahubali Thrashes All Indian Records
arr Baahubali to Break ALL INDIA 1st Week Record!!
arr Baahubali to collect 200 Cr SHARE?
arr SS Rajamouli - The Indisputable New No.1 STAR
arr Day 5 : Baabubali continues to Rake in Record Moolah
arr Baahubali GBOC : Rock Steady on Monday!
arr Baabubali Breaks Hindi Robot Record!
arr Baahubali Wipes out LIFE TIME WW Tollywood Records!
arr Baahubali - New Tollywood No.1
arr Baahubali KA : To Shatter all Tel/Tam Lifetime Records in weekend
arr Baabubali in 2 Days already No.1 Telugu Week
arr Baabubali : Set for Tollywood's Biggest Lifetime Earner by Weekend
arr Baahubali shatters South Day 1 Record again with Day 2
arr Baahubali Storm in USA Shatteres All South Lifetime Records!
arr Baahubali Storm: KA 1st Week Record Out in 1 Day
arr India's Biggest Motion Picture is now also India's Biggest Opener!!
arr Breaking : Baahubali Exceeds ALL Expectations
arr Baahubali Storm : ALL TIME South RECORD Day 1
arr Baabubali : Biggest All Time Grosser in USA!
arr Baahubali Storm : HUGE Day1 RECORD on the cards!.
arr Baabubali Storm : Set for 30cr NBOC like Bolly Biggies
arr BaahubaliStorm Hits Box-office!. HISTORIC OPENING!!
arr Baabubali Storm : ALL TIME Biggest Indian Opening in USA
arr Baahubali Storm : Ceeded set to be equally Huge!
arr Baahubali Storm : Set to Rewrite Karnataka State Records
arr Baahubali Storm : Nizam set for Day1 Record by Big Margin
arr Baahubali getting ready for Record Release
arr Baahubali Storms On-line bookings
arr Baahubali : Multiplexes agree to Share 60%
arr Baahubali gets all 4K & Atmos Theatres!
arr Baahubali : Unbelievable craze for Tickets
arr Baahubali USA Hotline Opened
arr Historic Release for Baahubali
arr Baabubali Tamil USA Rights
arr Baahubali : Hindi Overseas rigths
arr Global United Media bags Baahubali Kerala Rights
arr Baahubali set to do 120Cr+ Biz
arr Baahubali : Total WW Pre-Release Business!
arr Baahubali Guntur Rights Snapped up
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