Boxoffice Verdict : April 2011

Three Big Films released in April 2011 and 2 of them have become disasters leaving their Distributors & Exhibitors with huge losses. 

Shakti has Disaster written all over it right from Day 1. The Vyjayanthi film was released with a lot of expectations and the audiences were never going be satisfied with its below average content. So it is no surprise that Shakti is a Disaster at the Boxoffice.

Two weeks after Shakti, Teenmaar was released and opened with positive talk in Major cities and Negative buzz in smaller centres. Overall Teenmaar is a film with average content and appeals to youth and classes. With a star who has delivered respectable numbers even for a Dud like Puli,Teenmaar should have ended up as an average film at least. But in the end it was met with the same fate as Shakti and turned out to be knighmare for the buyers.

Mr.Perfect was released exactly a week after Teenmar and opened with positive talk even with its average content. Although Surprising to many, Mr.Perfect was a runaway hit as it can be seen in the collections right from its opening weekend. It now stands tall as the biggest grosser of the year 2011 so far!.

Teenmaar`s Disastrous result could be attributed to Mr.Perfect`s success to an extent. Both films released in just a week gap. Mr.Perfect won the hearts of the general audiences and turned out to be a hit. 

Ideally there should be a gap of at least 2 - 3 weeks between two big releases. Unless the producers realize this and space out their releases well, even average films like Teenmaar will met the Disastrous fate. Teenmaar being a class youth oriented film and its lack of appeal to masses could also be one of the reasons for its failure.

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