ABO Review : 'Samajavaragamana'

Samajavaragamana: A Laugh Riot!


Balu (Sree Vishnu) is an unmarried blue-collar employee who is his middle-class family`s sole breadwinner. His father (VK Naresh) has been saddled with academic failure for three decades now. He must become a graduate to reclaim his right to ancestral property.

Sarayu (Reba Monica John), a dimwit in academics, befriends Balu`s father. Eventually, she falls in love with Balu. There is a catch, though. And this is not about the heroine`s affluent father saying no to their love affair. This is not about Balu displaying compulsive aversion to women. What threatens their planned marriage? That`s what the interval is about. The rest of the film is about how Balu uses all tricks in the book to change fate.


This one is Sree Vishnu`s most assured performance since `Raja Raja Chora`. The actor is in his element playing the role of a middle-class man who is predisposed to face the biggest crisis in his life with a smile on his face. VK Naresh gets to dominate him in the first half. Once his character is sidelined, the male lead comes into his own. Naresh, after essaying applause-worthy roles in recent films like `Intinti Ramayanam`, is thoroughly entertaining.

Reba Monica John is impressive for a debutante. She has a long way to go, though. Vennela Kishore leaves you in splits as an entitled, ultra-casteist, uncouth groom-to-be. Nellore Sudharshan is good, while Srikanth Iyyengar is routine.

Technical Departments:

Music: Gopi Sundar`s music is somewhat lackluster.

Background score: Okay.

Cinematography: Okayish.

Editing: Crowd-friendly. The running time is less than 130 minutes. 


Usually, family entertainers introduce the nature of the conflict right at the start. In contrast, this film plays a game of deception by making it look like the core conflict involves the male lead and his father. Director Ram Abbaraju uses the element of the hero`s general hatred for love as a tactic to borrow time. There is not much point to the segment. Everything in this film is an excuse to generate laughs. And that`s a compliment. 

And the good thing is that `Samajavaragamana` succeeds in its goal of being a laugh riot. The second half slackens a bit. The climax, again, is about a major inconvenience that gets resolved by introducing a melodramatic quirk. Despite its deficiencies, the film entertains throughout.


Naresh`s characterization. As an aspirant graduate burning the midnight oil, he is hilarious.

Tracks involving the hero and his father, and the heroine and the hero`s father.

The monologue where the hero rants against women.

Usually, the father is responsible and the son is wayward in family entertainers. Here, the roles are reversed.

The references to movies like `Rakhi`, `Jersey`, `Ponniyin Selvan`, `Murari` is not artificial.

Vennela Kishore`s character is convenient (he had to be a joker because he is the male lead`s rival), but the writing ideas help matters.


How Sree Vishnu`s character overcomes his aversion to girls is flimsy.

The heroine comes with no personality beyond a point. In the second half, she has barely one or two serious lines even though her character is central to the conflict point.

Srikanth Iyengar`s character is initially projected to be inflexible. Later, he comes across as an ever-so-pleasing and semi-comical character in the presence of Sree Vishnu and Naresh.

Overall rating: 3/5

Box-office verdict: Deserves to Succeed! 

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