ABO Review: 'BRO`

BRO : Pawan-ism shines, Guruji-ism falters!


Titan aka God of Time comes to rescue a 25-year-old middle-class man named Markandeya from imminent death after a fatal road accident. The accident victim is revived from death, literally. Mark now has got three months to see if he can build the lives of his sisters and brother the way he wants. In what way will Titan guide Mark in this? Is Mark going to have a happy ending? Is death the punishment Mark thinks it is? 


Pawan Kalyan enjoys delivering spiritual sermons while holding the Jana Sena symbol (the tea glass). He plays a generic God who sings a Devadas song and makes pop culture references such as Spiderman. For a good part of the first half, the characterization impresses die-hard fans. In the second half, when the treatment turns serious, situations do the talking more than Pawan`s performance.

Sai Dharam Tej, who has to look unemotional and mechanical in the first half, looks dull instead. He is moving in the pre-climax and climax portions, though. His character, Mark, faced adversities and those experiences shaped his personality as a teen. This is a Trivikram-esque spin to the Tamil original.

Ketika Sharma is average, while Vennela Kishore is not given witty lines. Raja Chembolu, Ali Reza and others play functional parts. Rohini Molleti, who plays Mark`s mother, deserved stronger lines. 

Technical Departments:

Music: Thaman`s songs, barring the Theme of Bro, are sub-par.
Background Score: Worthy but not up to the hype (Samuthirakani turned teary, it seems).
Production Design: Absolutely dull by Tollywood`s standards.
Editing: Good but not neat.
Action Choreography: That one fight will make you scream, `Bro!`


Samuthirakani`s Time in the Tamil original was less talkative and somewhat stoic. Trivikram turns him into a fun-loving and occasionally semi-comical God who is prone to deliver wisecracks. However, the writing is not strong. Therefore, when Pawan`s character tries to deliver breathless monologues, the attempt looks half-finished. The omnipresence of God is shown in a stylistic and flamboyant fashion. That`s a plus. In the Tamil original, there was no attempt at such a creative reimagination of God.

The romantic track involving Sai Tej and Ketika Sharma is milked to highlight the impermanence of human relationships. Some philosophical clarity was needed as well. It`s not convincing to suggest that the death of a family member won`t leave any emotional scars. It definitely does, especially the death of a young member.

Sai Tej`s character should have been more current. More than a conservative and old-school mindset, today`s youngsters suffer due to greed, impatience and delusions about their abilities. Mark is greedy and impatient, but the focus of the script should have been more on this aspect rather than on his control freak nature.


  1. The pre-climax and climax segments.
  2. Pawan Kalyan`s screen presence and verve.
  3. A few conversations between God and Mark.
  4. The generous deployment of Pawan Kalyan`s memorable songs from his blockbusters.
  5. The overall theme.


  1. Lack of inventive story-telling.
  2. An element of inertia in Sai Tej`s character till the pre-climax.
  3. Not so interesting portrayal of workplace issues
  4. No novelty in the way God oversees both fatal and fortuitous events in Mark`s life.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Box-office verdict: Average!

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