ABO Review: 'Bholaa Shankar`

Bholaa Shankar - A reckless remake!


The story is set in Kolkata, where a series of kidnappings have brought a human trafficking racket into the spotlight. Right after our hero Shankar (Chiranjeevi) arrives in the city accompanied by his adopted sister Mahalakshmi (Keerthy Suresh), his intent becomes clear. He wants to become a beacon of hope. The main villain (Tarun Arora) of the piece thinks he is invincible. Shankar takes it upon himself to eradicate the villain`s gang, a task considered impossible by the Kolkata police.


`Bholaa Shankar` is a rare movie in the sense that even Chiranjeevi`s die-hard fans rated it abysmally much before film critics could do. If they dared to watch the movie despite the sub-zero expectations, that`s only because of Brand Chiranjeevi, whose performance is enjoyable in bits and pieces. If you look at the film as a whole (the fights, the songs, the scenes, the comedy), you will badly miss the vintage Chiru. For sure, director Meher Ramesh`s intent was the opposite.

There are one too many comedians and each of them behaves as though they have to pretend that they are enjoying the presence of Chiranjeevi. None of them has any existence beyond the Chiru-dominated frames. It gets tiresome after a point to watch them (Hyper Aadhi, Bithiri Sathi, Satya, Viva Harsha, Getup Srinu, Tagubothu Ramesh, Lobo and others) all over the place and speaking too little. Vennela Kishore is the only comedian who was given a chance to talk in more than two scenes.

Tamannaah Bhatia and Keerthy Suresh (ensuring OTT glamour and emotion, respectively), Tarun Arora and Shawar Ali (ensuring headache as blood-thirsty villains) are forgettable.

Technical Departments.

Music (songs): Not bad if your expectations are not high. `Jam Jam Jajjanaka` and `Kottara Kottu Teenumaaru` are enjoyable as standalone songs.

Background Music: Arguably among the weakest elements.

Cinematography: Uninspired.

Editing: Some scenes seem a tad long.

Production values: Stuck in the era when pan-Indian cinema didn`t take birth.


It is an open secret that `Bholaa Shankar` was dead on arrival, owing to the fact that it is a remake. Chiranjeevi hoped that the excitement levels would be great because the Tamil original, `Vedalam`, is not available on OTT. Fans and the general audience knew that only one person could redeem the film. Relying too much on one talent is a talentless idea.

The dialogues are pathetic. In a scene, Sushanth`s character says that he is a pilot. Our hero quips that a pilot is a driver who doesn`t face traffic issues. This would have been pardonable if Raj Tarun was your male lead. Silly humour keeps coming at the audience. The interval scene from `Kushi` has been recreated in such a low-quality manner that YouTubers would have added a better spin. 

The villain, despite running an empire and owning a cache of arms, doesn`t have a single meaningful connection in the security establishment. He looks at the dead bodies of his men and concludes that the killer did it with `paga`, not planning. The police have no access to intelligence because they have informers among Bengalis. Their first informer is our hero, a migrant from Hyderabad. 


On the writing front, there are no merits to speak of. Chiranjeevi is the only one who keeps the audience from doing an interval walkout.


Lack of punchlines.

Absence of highs in the hero-villain confrontation scenes.

Average fights.

A routine climax.

Predictable writing.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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