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Legend, the much awaited Power packed film from Balayya & Boyapati is finally here. Boyapati who gave a big hit to Balayya with `Simha` teams up with him once again for this Big Budget action entertainer. Has he managed to deliver the goods?. Did he satisfy the high expectations of Fans?. Read on.

Story :

Krishna ( Bala Krishna ) who lives in Dubai as his Grand Mother wants him to be away from all the `fights` their family has, comes back to Vizag for Marriage. By coincidence he comes into direct confronation with Jithendra ( Jagapathi Babu ) immediately after. What is the confrontation between both the families all about and how it pans out forms the rest.


Balayya delivered a superb All-round performance in the film. Action, Dialogues & Sentiment, he delivers in all departments. His Intense & Power Packed Performance is the soul of the film. But a bit care should have been taken about the Young character by the Director. Jagapathi Babu has an equally powerful appearance in the flick. He has easily transformed into an Angry Villain and looks like is here to stay!. Radhika Apte did an important role with ease. Rest are adequate.

Technical Departments

Music: DSP did a fine job on the Music front. Title & Melody Songs are good on screen. His BGM is one of strengths for the film

Cinematography:  Good.

Editing: The film is a bit dragged in the 1st half.

Stunts: Plenty of fights in the film. Have been handled well and are at times over the top but it is quite common in our commercial flicks. And yes there is a lot of blood shed.

Story,Screenplay & Direction : 

First things first. Legend is made for Fans, Masses and B & C Centres. Scores Big time as far as the content go with Target Group.

Story is a Power Packed drama with lots of action & emotion. There is some good sentiment too. But the film has poor comedy making the 1st half a strictly okay affair. 1st Half starts off on a power packed note and is a bit dragged in the middle. And then picks up from the Interval and is racy till pre-climax. Climax should have been handled a bit better but still is adequate. Interval Episode to and till Climax the film is in altogether different zone. Boyapati definitely did a good job is delivering a power packed film. This gives a tough fight to Simha as his best work. At the end it is treat for all the fans. What you expect from him is all there including Decent Dances. But don`t be an intellectual and search for logics.

Highlights :

First Half


2.Interval Episode

Second half

1.Beach & following Episode

2.Title Song

3. Sentiment


1. Balayya

2. Jagapathi

3. Direction

4. Dialogues

4. BGM


1. Drag in 1st Half

2. Lack of proper Comedy

3. High Dosage of violence

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Box-office Verdict

The film is your typical action drama one expects from Balayya. It is easily one of his best films in the last decade. Boyapati has handled the film well too. But the asking rate is very high with the film`s Budget reportedly being over 40 to 45 Crores. Whether or not Legend repeats Simha magic is remains to be seen.

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