ABO Review : Mukunda


Mukunda is not every body`s cup of tea. The film is an average & serious political drama.

Story :

`Varun Tej` is an young guy with a gang of boys who just completed their studies and live in a Town in a Godavari District. `Rao Ramesh` is the Municipal Chairman of their town who is ruling unopposed from 25 years. As usual in a film, their paths cross which leads to many repercussions and mind games. How Varun ends the latter`s hegemony is the rest.

Analysis : 

Mukunda is like you get to served a coffee while you are expecting a coke!. The film is a pretty serious Political drama with a dash of romance which they have clearly failed to convey through Promo`s. It is more on the lines of `Leader` & the very recent `Rowdy Fellow`. But it doesn`t mean we are belittling the film as inspired, its just to give an idea of what it actually is. The 1st half of the film is adequate and is average to above. 2nd half falls flat and by the time it is a happy ending, audience will be having mixed feelings with lot of unnecessary songs and lengthy clueless dialogues. A Verbal duel, a family scene, a song & a fight- it is mostly in this template. It is still a decent attempt thanks to the Varun - Rao Ramesh dual which kept the film going and some good dialogues. The Lead pair surprisingly won`t have any words in-between them but the chemistry worked to an extent. It is an average film on the whole which appeals only to a limited audience. And it surely is not one expects as a Debut film for any Hero. A star hero would have done better justice to the subject, but Varun is al-right which means he`s probably got good future.


Varun Tej is adequate being a Debutant. He has good intensity and screen presence but is average in acting which is okay for now. He has to improve himself in dances and getting the expressions right. Dialogue delivery is adequate. Rao Ramesh is the other backbone of the film and in a typical role has totally killed it. Pooja has limited role and is average. Prakash Raj has an important little role and did well. Paruchuri and others are adequate.

Technical Departments:

Music: Mickey J Mayer`s Music is pretty good and Sound track is superb. But half of the songs are speed breakers as the lead pair don`t talk much and most of them are dream songs!.

Stunts: Plenty of fights in the flick. A couple are good and rest are so-so.

Cinematography:  Cool job and is a plus.

Editing: Event at 142 Minutes it is feels like too long due to lack of depth in story. There are 2-3 unnecessary songs and lengthy dialogues which leave audience clue-less. Have to say a poor editing although some of the cuts are crisp.


1. Music

2. Visuals


1. Wafer thin story

2. Speed breakers like unnecessary songs

Rating: 2.75 / 5 ( Average & pretty Serious film )

Box-office Verdict:

The film was sold at considerably high prices for a Debut film. It is unlikely to be a safe venture.

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