ABO Review : 'Srimanthudu'


`Srimanthudu` is a Solid, Commercial Social Drama with strong Family emotions touching the right chords.

Story :

Harsha (Mahesh Babu) is an Idealistic son of Rich Business Tycoon, Ravikanth (Jagapathi Babu). He is not happy with his life and wishes to choose a different path and help people. Here comes Charuseela (Shruti Haasan) with similar intentions and they instantly connect. On fine day Charuseela learns about who Harsha actually is and rejects his love. After realizing they both are from the same village, Harsha goes in search of his roots and witnesses sad tales and struggle. How he helps his Village forms the rest.


Mahesh is simply superb in this film. The emotions are picture perfect and the star is 200% apt for the role. It is a brilliant job in Emotional scenes as well as impressing with Controlled delivery of his lines. His Glamour, Charm and Positives have been used to good effect. It is going to be a Treat for the Fans.

Jagapthi Babu did very well. Rajendra Prasad is equally good. Shruti Haasan is more than adeqate. Sampath, Mukesh Rishi, Rahul, Sukanya, Vennela Kishore, Ali and etc., are Adequate.

Technical Departments:

Music: DSP has delivered an about par Music and Sound Track. None of the tunes are going stay with us and are strictly adequate stuff. `Jatha Kalise`, `Rama Rama` & `Dimma Tirige` are pretty good on screen.

Cinematography:  Superb.

Editing: Adequate.

Action:  Not run-off the mill type and some what fresh. Good Overall.

Analysis : 

`Srimanthudu` is Old wine in new Bottle. It is a pretty good intentioned film made in a most commercial manner possible without deviating from the story. The screen-play has a lot of depth and touches mostly the right chords in emotions as well as narrative. The 1st half is slightly slow and once takes off, it is delight to watch the Romantic Track. A Pretty good conflict angle will be established then between the baddies & Lead and also our Main leads which paves way for a Very good 2nd half. It is a very good screen-play which impresses without conceding even an inch to Unnecessary commercial stuff. The Director here has been brilliant in establishing his story and delivering the message in correct doses for a Mainstream Film. It has some thing for every one and will largely end up satisfying Majority of the Audience. It would have been excellent if length was also taken care off. Nevertheless, a much needed breather to our Telugu commercial cinema which was hijacked by In-house `Bakra` Comedy of errors.

Highlights :

1. Loyal Employees are Family.

2. Delhi Warning.

3. Mango Farm Episode.

4. United Brothers.


1. Emotions.

2. Mahesh.

3. Direction.

4. Casting.


1. Length.

2. Limited entertainment.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Box-office Verdict :

The film is receiving solid positive reports of Word of mouth. It is most likely to end up as Hit at the Box-office. A Blockbuster result is possible if families who are going to love the film very much, lap it up in Big Numbers.

Bottom Line: Don`t forget your roots.

Ratings :

1 - Stay Away

2 - Poor

2.5 - So-So

3 - Watchable

3.5 - Good

4 - Very Good

4.5 - Outstanding

5 - Out of this World
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